Square Pegs

ART AND FINE CRAFT (and silliness…)


Square Pegs began in early 2010 when a disparate bunch of artists and makers staged an exhibition of art and fine craft, ‘Artery,’ showing a selection of work not usually exhibited together, or not often exhibited in West Wales. Our aim was to create an exhibition that the public enjoyed coming to and bought from, and that we enjoyed putting on. Since then we have continued to put together enjoyable exhibitions, generally working around a theme.

We curate these exhibitions ourselves and entry is by invitation. We invite artists and makers to exhibit with us whose work we think fits with Square Pegs, and with the particular theme we are working with. These themes have included such things as ‘narrative,’ ‘adornment,’ ‘recycled,’ and, of course, that great annual theme, ‘Christmas.’

We organise, publicise and run each event. We don’t make a profit. The stand fee and commission we charge pay for the cost of hiring the venue, materials for signs and posters, publicity, lighting, and generally making the event look and feel as good as we can make it.

Square Pegs are: Glenn Ibbitson, Carole King, Annie and Chris Coombs, Yvette Brown and Steve Thompson.  You can find out more about us individually at:

Glenn Ibbitson – fine art – www.smokingbrushfineart.com

Carole King – fine art – www.carolekingart.co.uk

Annie Coombs – jewellery – www.anniecoombs.co.uk

Yvette Brown – pewter birds – www.yvettebrownworld.co.uk

Art and Fine Craft